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LED lighting retrofit

   Get up to 50% Incentive Rebate! Upgrade your lighting system and save up to 85% energy use.

   Considerable operating cost savings are realized immediately following conversion to energy efficient lighting. Latest energy efficient lighting consumes less power than older, often obsolete light fixtures, resulting in lower utility bills, lower maintenance cost generating significant long-term savings.


   Provincial government offers generous financial incentives to convert older lighting systems with technologically advanced up-to-date systems that are energy efficient and produce pleasant flicker-free light. Incentive programs help make the initial retrofit investment affordable therefore reducing the payback period. ‘Green Lighting’, is the enlightened approach to brighter, more modern lighting and a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our energy efficient lighting retrofit services include:

  • Energy audits

  • Lighting level calculations

  • Existing lighting fixture retrofit/redesign

  • Lighting layout re-configurations to suit facility operations

  • Fixture demonstrations & mock-up test installations

  • Application submission to your Hydro Utility Company for OPA rebate incentives

"Get a free energy efficiency assessment today to save more"
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