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about us

   We take this opportunity to introduce our company and to help you to reduce your facility lighting demand by 30 percent or more. Most of our project have less than 2 years payback period.
   We specialize in lighting retrofit and design. Our team of professionals will guide you through ALTA turn-key project process:

· Lighting audit - Walk through facility, determine where cost-effective changes can be made.
· Lighting retrofit proposal - We will design new lighting system that better suits your needs and
budget. You will find out annual energy savings, rebate amount and how fast your project will
pay itself off.
· Rebate and incentive application - Our staff will gather all required documents, submit
applications and work with Hydro ONE to maximize your rebate, from the first day till you
receive a cheque.
· Installation - All our employees are licensed electricians and apprentices, we don't use
· Warranty - Best on retrofit market: 6 year warranty on material and 3 year on labor.

ALTA Lighting & Electric is a one stop lighting solutions shop - no middle man, no sub-trades, no hidden costs, fast payback period.

Fully insured, WSIB, Licenced electrical contractor.

We are looking forward to our collaboration in the future!   

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